Embracing Obsurity

Okay, what?  I’m posting a blog and starting Post I with that?  (Testing 1,2, 3 and Is this on? were already taken.)

And I have a few strikes against me already, coming to this x years late.  I haven’t read very many but applaud the very fine writers and storytellers out there in blog-land.  They’ve inspired me – or their musings have given me the necessary push.  Yes, my dither might just touch one in the masses and provide a smile, snort or affirmative, “Hell, yes.”

But let’s be clear, while the patterns are similar I sit apart – or afar – from the common prerequisites:

Much to my chagrin, I do not live in New York City:  In fact, the world of Jimmy Choo (or BCBG even) just doesn’t fit in my closet filled with Sorels, uggs and other appropriate mountain wear.  I am still holding out on the Danskos, fyi. If you comment on nothing else here, please, please, just don’t let me fall victim to that totally impractical trend.

I am not working a dead-end secretarial job – or a temp position, for that matter.  In fact, I somehow pulled off adding Director to my title.  So, how will I land that book/movie deal now?  Hmm.

Furthermore, I can’t complain about living (i.e., working) in a cubicle.  First, I have an office – with 2 doors and a wall of windows.  Unfortunately, I share it with somebody who is kind of just a co-worker, kind of a boss.  (Contradictory job descriptions for us both; yes, I work in a place that fucked up.  More later, I’m sure.)  But what makes my square different?  An incredible view [insert photo link at later date!]

I snagged a swell catch of a husband.  He is kind, funny and hot.  But I still roll my eyes daily.  More on that, too.

I think Martha Stewart creates a pretty picture, but I ain’t planning on posting any like-photos of masterly crafted Valentine’s cookies or this month’s art project.  I’m sorry.  I don’t have time.  Leave that to my sorority sisters – and their blog(s).  (Ouch.  Yes, I did just say that.)

Last, no monumental event has inspired me here: I’m over 3 weeks late for the new decade, and I already turned THIRTY 14+ months ago.

Anyway, not too sure where this is going.  For now I’m embracing obscurity and anonymity – donning my married name when I still go by my maiden.  But I’m just an American girl, and what better name than Jennifer Anderson to embrace that?